10 Simple things girls wants in a relationship- Number 5 will shock you

I have some things to explain about dating, heart break and relationship problems. Don’t allow ugly experiences in most relationships scare you to death.

Love is not to be tried, it’s just a do or do not thing. Love is not a vaccine to be tried on organisms. Do not allow yourself to be tested because you are not a seed of groundnut to be tested if sweet or bittered. You are someone’s special, someone’s dream, someone’s bride not a testing machine.

Learn to always choose your partner not what people choose for you when it come to your heart.
Ask yourself why you wanted or why you are into that relationship. Knowing this, will create possibility of doing what’s good for you.

Don’t let the past hurt cripple your future. Most person’s sees only the past hurt experiences, making them to be very scared.
We experience situations to make life more easy in the future. So you got no reason to be sorrowful, I know it’s very hurt and difficult but those situations has been on before your birthday.
You just have to be watchful because as they say, you are not free until you are free in deed. There’s no situation in your relationship life that you can’t solve, just get the right tools to lock and unlock the lock.

Though, sometimes there are factors you caused to yourself that triggered the joy, smiles and pains. Just be honest with yourself.
What did you do to experienced such smiles or pains?
What part did you play?
What was your role in it?

Sometimes ago, I asked a young lady, as a woman mention one thing your spouse will benefit from being in a courtship with you. She was like, sir I don’t understand. I said okay. There are sounds we hear sometimes in our daily lives which we don’t actually understand or read meaning to them. That’s one reason they say, life itself is seen as an old school yard that every body will go into to learn. And in it, there are challenges, backwardness, lost, profit, repetition of classes, prosperity and lots of more. The ability to pass through all the obstacles of life is built in your belief.

Women are soft, though some are very tough, annoying and difficult to appease. Some act as commissioner for trouble but despite their actions, they need someone who will show them affection, someone who never gets embarrassed about holding their hand or kissing their forehead or saying I love you in public.
Women are to be respected at every giving seconds, because the first immunity and life of a man passes through a woman.
I know some will argue but that’s okay. In my experience as a relationship counselor, I noticed the following dying taste in women.

1. Girls want a nurture. Someone who will warm up soup for them when they are sick and stressed out.

2. Girls want a gentleman who will hold and open doors for them and offer a jacket in the cold. Someone who will text them to make sure they got home safe and tell them how beautiful they look.

3. Girls want a guy that is confident. Someone they can feel comfortable talking to about their darkest issues, their most painful problems. Someone who will never turn away from them, even when there are tears sparkling in their eyes and mascara smeared across their cheeks.

4. Women want a cheerleader. Someone who will support all of their wild dreams. Someone who encourage them to follow their heart and remind them they have what it takes to make it.

5. Girls want a romantic guy. Someone who helps them plan vacation and cook dinners, so dey don’t have to do it alone. Someone who will volunteer to do laundry, someone who will help them with dishes.

6. Women want a best friend. Someone who can make them laugh, even during the worse days of their lives. Someone who memorizes the little details about them, from their favorite candle scent to their favorite starburst flavor.

7. Girls want a partner in crime. That’s someone who will do stupid shit with them, just for the fun of it.

8. Girls want a good listener. Someone they can call up at midnight after having a dream or for discussion of issues. Someone they can rely on to be there, no matter when or why.

9. Girls want a fighter. That’s someone who won’t give up on the relationship after a small argument.

10. Girls want a forever person. Someone who willll commit to them. Someone who will be there through thick and thin.
These are flavors in the heart of women. As a man, you are expected to modify this additives to make the flavor more sweet.

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