9 Reasons Love between age of 16years to 24years – Don’t Last Long

True Relationship means a lot – to- many teenagers, as a young kid growing up, watching Love series on TV, you’ll start dreaming of relationship, thinking about how your first relationship gonna look like – thinking about first love.

More you growing up – you will realize people around you had boyfriends and girlfriends, look like tradition everyone must have boyfriend and girlfriend, a lot will start going through your mind.
Between 15 years to 24 years or from 25 years to 30 years – Relationship you may experience full of up and down, a lot of happy moments and a lot of disappointments.

Between 16 years to 24 years you going to experience a lot of things – good and bad – you have to choose whether you want to destroy your life or build amazing beautiful life. Love is a beautiful thing, being in a relationship is good but sometimes everything may backfire.

1. Sometimes first Love not Best Love:
Your first love may turn out being what hurt you – make you cry – and destroy your future. Have you realized we have different grace and mercy, a lot of women enjoy their first love while a lot of women experience heartbreak during their first experience in a relationship.
First love comes with a lot of expectations – expectations which may not happened, sometimes when you grow up as adult you will realize your first love was not really your best love especially when you loving a wrong person.
In future – someone will come into your life, cherish you and love you ways you deserves.

2. Your dream relationship may be shattered:
Always good to be in a relationship, loving him or her better and better, making a lot of sacrifices but your dreams of relationship may be shattered, your life goals may be shattered especially when you end up loving wrong person between 16 years to 24 years. When you loving a wrong person, got impregnated, he deny and abandoned you, your future will be shattered.
During young age – boyfriend and girlfriend relationship has a lot of consequences.

3. Consequences of your decision:
When a girl in love, she will like being around her man, she’ll like playing with him, she will disobey her family just to be with her man, such decisions don’t always end well. Sometimes disobeying your parents or family members will cost you more harm than good. Young girls always make wrong decision when they’re in love, which attract more consequences.

4. Heartbreak and regrets:
Once you end up with wrong person, surely you’ll experience heartbreak, from 16 years to 24 years you will experience a lot of disappointments, betray and unexpected hurts. Loving wrong will lead being taken granted, unappreciated, disrespecting, abuse and lack of love.
You will find yourself giving your best in the relationship without receiving anything, sometimes you will receive emotional wreck with a lot of regrets.
Once you keep making wrong decisions, once you keep dating wrong people, once you keep dating for wrong reasons – it’ll only end in pains and regrets.

5. I will marry you in future:
One of the best feeling during teenage relationship, believing relationship will lead to marriage in future, when you keep hearing such promise from a man you love so much, I can remember those years how I WILL MARRY always make girls loving us – guys – more deeply.
One of the best ways to get a girl to love you and show seriousness by promising her marriage, a lot of young girls victim of this fake promise.

6. Failed promises:
I can remember promises you ex girlfriend made to me but she end up not keeping those promises, sometimes relationship between age of 16 years to 24 years don’t normally lead to expectations, we promise each other marriage in future, she promise ( I will never leave you) I will never marry another person. There’s a lot of promises people always end up not keeping in teenage relationship, many promises but unable to fulfilled them.

7. Beautiful Feelings:
16 years to 24 years relationship – You will have beautiful feeling about life, love, fun and being loved, sometimes wish to experience those teenage relationship again, the passion, the believe, the goal and loving for real – always beautiful and lightening soul. Teenage relationship is beautiful, makes someone feel complete. Having someone who loves you during teenage age, feel totally amazing.

8. Sometimes doesn’t last long:
Life is meaningful, life is unfair, life is never perfect, life is unpredictable. Life of woman totally different from life of a man. A woman need to settle down on time, guys need to settle a lot of things before thinking about marriage, this reality of life has make many relationship break down.
A girl -18 years dating 22 years boy – sometimes this relationship don’t lead anywhere, before this 22 years boy will start thinking about marriage, the 18 years already start growing old.

I remember my mom told me ” Mark you’ll not marry her, stop killing yourself ” as young man growing up – I don’t understand but when was 25 years everything become clear to me ( One day – she asked me ” when will you build house, buy car and achieve your goals ) I look at her – I realize she’s making sense but hard for me to accept love of my life about to leave me.
Sometimes girls cannot wait – that’s reality, they need to settle down – if she decides to wait for guy – would he choose her in future?

9. Parents and Family Members:
Definitely you’ll have problems with your elder brother and sister because they won’t support you keeping boyfriend / girlfriend. In some family – they’ll do any thing humanly possible to break the relationship but if you failed to listen to their advice and warning – such decision will attract serious consequences. Parents and family members play big role in teenage relationship – good or bad ways.

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