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All guys want to extend their horizon by dating girls of other nationalities. But you always seem to be spoilt for options. With so many gorgeous girls from all over the world, it is hard to decide on the one you want to select. Every girl from every nationality might seem tantalizing to you but if you really want to date a quality girl who is more than just looks and will have a lot more to bring into the relationship, then American girls are your go-to girl. Not only are they chic and attractive they sure know how to have fun, and what is really dating if you are not enjoying your time with your girl.

But going out with a girl of some other nationality is never a piece of cake. There are obviously some cultural differences involved and it might take some effort to fully understand where you guys are coming from. It is a given fact that all American women are not the same but there are some basic courtesies you must keep in mind before interacting with these ladies. These are some obvious points you should follow when it comes to impressing her.

Tips and trick to follow your American Goddess:

  • Be honest and clear about your intentions: American women are very self-dependent and have a humongous ego. So if you are just stringing her alone and giving her false hopes of everlasting future chances are she will see right through you. And that will definitely not end well. But if you are clear about your intentions and motives from the very beginning she will approve of your honesty and will give your relationship a chance for sure.
  • Be a man who can stand on his own two feet: Nothing turns off an American woman who is still dependent and trying to figure out their lives even though they have well passed their age to do so. An American woman is fiercely career minded and self-reliable. They like working hard for what they want and have a steely determination. So it is only natural that they want a man in their lives who exhibit the same attributes. A childish boy trapped in a man’s body is never an attractive quality to these women. If you want to get with an American woman, have your priorities and your life sorted. Do not be flaky and the man she can rely upon rather than the opposite scenario.
  • Don’t slam their country: Yes. America is a problematic place and no one knows it better than these strong women do. But hearing you use derogatory terms for their country will be sure to turn them off. If you can think that you can go get away with bashing her homeland, you are in for a shock. Most women actively follow the government and politics of the US and are well acquainted with the reforms that America implements. She may not agree with them but that does not give you the right or opportunity to say ill about her birthplace. If you really want to talk to her about this, present a coherent discussion and discuss the issue diplomatically. She will be sure to appreciate it.
  • Be adventurous: Nothing turns off an American woman than a boring loner man. These women are known for their boldness and tackle everything in their life exceptionally well no matter how tough the circumstances might get. So if you want to keep her hooked to you, you have to be adventurous and a little rebellious. Maybe plan an impromptu backpacking trip, or surprise her with taking her on an extraordinary date. Put in some effort, keep her on her toes and make her feel special and she will be here to stay.

Things to avoid while dating an American girl:

  • Do not slam her country or political ideals.
  • Do not make fun her accent or her broken English. British English is what is popular and most people around the world consider American English grammatically incorrect or simply broke. This does not indicate that they are stupid. This is just their culture and you just have to accept it.
  • Do not tease them about their lack of college experience. American people often skip out a college simply because of how it almost costs a fortune to graduate from UNI. This in no way implies that they are stupid.
  • Do not make fun of the food they intake. The food they intake may not always be healthy or even popular but each culture to its own, right?

On this post, I will be sharing American Girls Whatsapp Numbers

In a man admire purposefulness, nobleness and a good sense of humor. I want an intelligent and kind man, who knows the price of his words. A man, who can always show his feelings. I want a man, who can support and understand, who is target-oriented and persistent in his wishes. If you are gentle, caring and loving, come to live in my heart. The door of my heart is open for you.

Name: Ivory
Age: 24
Height: 5.5ft
Whatsapp Number: 7023353905

I am open to any kind of relationship because, I will like to be a friend for a while,that come for me first,I like honest people…

Name: Mary
Age: 27
Height: 5.3ft
Whatsapp Number: 3183013318

In my words; I am a passionate lady looking for a honest man for a relationship that can lead to marriage, true love and soul mate.

Name: Sophia
Age: 25
Height: 5.4ft
Whatsapp Number: 09953056974

I am searching for a truly compatible partner with whom to share the ultimate joys of a full sensual and sexual experience in a truly authentic, sincere, respectful, nurturing, considerate, safe and mature way.

Name: Jane
Age: 26
Height: 5.4ft
Whatsapp Number: 7089810531

Am not looking for someone to date but someone to spend the rest of my life with,All i need from you is just being sincere to me,make me feel secured,appreciate,love,care and being understanding.someone with a big personality but able to give plenty of attention too. please message me if you’ve got a good appetite, interesting conversation and ability to laugh at yourself..

Name: June
Age: 27
Height: 5.2ft
Whatsapp Number: 7089678864

Well i believe there is one person out there for everybody, and I am not willing to settle for second best. The man I choose will be forever, because we will connect our souls together in everlasting bliss. I believe strongly in inner beauty, so although a physical attraction helps, I am seeking the man with a heart of gold.

Name: Lillian
Age: 29
Whatsapp Number: 9085744382

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