Ghana Beautiful Girl Ready To Chat With You On Whatsapp

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Ghana Beautiful Girl Ready To Chat With You On Whatsapp- This beautiful damsel below is from Ghana. Ghana has the most beautiful girls in the world. They are unique in their own way. Meet this beautiful Ghana girl from Kumasi, Ashanti, Ghana. She is ready to chat with you on whatsapp. Please while chatting with her, do not insult her or use any vogue words on her.

This beautiful Ghana girl, Mahcengel is ready to start a new relationship with her ideal man.

Ghana Beautiful Girl Ready To Chat With You On Whatsapp

Here What She Said About Herself

A San/Mel! I’m playful, cheerful, compassionate, a healer, an idealist, non conformist, a walking oxymoron(LOL), I tend to lose interest in things quickly though, i live freely on my on terms, if i want something i go for it and if i can’t have it I’ll make my own period!

I’m mature beyond my age but i know how to act my age, I talk to myself a lot which means i enjoy my alone time, i learn and unlearn, i value personal growth so i am constantly working on myself!

I’m a dreamer, very positive but rational as well. I don’t play games or entertain guys who do. I’m a straight shooter.

I’m a little naughty and mischievous sometimes, love teasing and pulling pranks on the people i love- LOL

I have a thing for lakes, oceans and the woods- never tried this but i would love to go camping in the woods one day

I laugh at my own mistakes, learn from them and move on.

I love providing the space for people around me to heal, learn and grow providing them with the necessary support and compassion so far as they are willing to do so, and are considerate and communicate openly and honestly with me and i expect same

However, i don’t put up with or entertain bad behavior or bad treatment, negativity etc THE FLASH couldn’t run faster like i would in such instances 😉

Her Ideal Man

I know what i want, i know where i am going and what i want is my soul mate, my king and my friend, a man in whose leadership i can trust. I have worked hard to become who i am and so i need and want a high value man to whom i can relinquish my power and myself to knowing he is going to take me where my soul needs to be.

You have to be compassionate, considerate, consistent, faithful, open, honest, and have integrity (PS: These are non-negotiable)

It’s a strong yes if you happen to be Goofy, playful, open minded, loving, fun loving, but serious minded at the same time (Hope you get the picture? *wink)

I prefer to date men relatively older than I am or single dads or generally guys who have been through life and have experienced enough to know what truly matters in life, have their priorities in order and men i can respect.

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