11 Signs to know a girl after your money not your love

How to know a girl after your money not your love. Is good to love someone deeply, not bad to care for your woman, fact is women need a lot of cares but not right when a girl start taking advantage one’s love.

Love is a very sweet thing. It is a wonderful experience everyone wishes to find. When there is true and genuine love, the world would seem like a bed of roses because nothing else matters. Sometimes, we could be so blinded with love that we end up getting involve with the wrong person. Knowing the difference between a true love and a gold digger is very important in a man’s life. Women are very compassionate, when they love it becomes very obvious.

Don’t be fooled when you’re in love, watch out and understand what’s going on.
How do know if she truly loves you or if she is just after your money. While some women work so hard to earn a living, some sees their only source of income to be men pocket. Unfortunately, some men get blinded with love and never realise these types of women till it becomes too late or their pockets get drained.

Below are some of the things that women does when they are after a man’s money. I think that every man should pay attention to this article. Read below and understand it.

1. She lack understanding, she will display don’t care about your situation. Try telling her you are broke, a woman who is not after your money will understand your broke moments but a woman after your money after a while, will rain curses on you and find an excuse to come out of the relationship.

2. She love fun, she want to hang out, enjoying life without minding how much you spending. When a woman is just after your money, her only happy moments with you are when you shower her with money, buy her gifts and take her to shopping. Spending real time and moments with you can never be her source of happiness.
A relationship where happiness depends on money never lasts. If your partner is only happy when you have good amounts of money then you are doomed. You need someone who brings happiness into your life all the time. She should understand when things are not working well for you.

3. She will never even assist you, she lack patience. Try asking her for money, a woman who is after your money will you as not being man enough, she will abuse you and run out of the relationship knowing that she would gain nothing from the man.

4. She would always encourage and hail your spending habits, telling you to invest is never her thing rather she will find millions of excuses to make sure you are spending.

5. You just have that feeling. I always say that you should trust your gut instinct as it always knows best. When someone is only dating you for your money, you can just feel it.

6. When you decline from giving her money or buying her something that she wants, she gives you a temper tantrum.

7. She never pays for anything. When it comes to such time to pick up the check for a dinner, a movie or just about anything else the two of you are undertaking– she is nowhere to be found. If you are the one who is constantly shelling out money in the relationship, that should be your sign that she’s just using you.

8. She keeps asking for it. We all have urgent situations from time to time. She may need some medicine or to pay her rent urgently, and you can help her, but is she asking for money all the time? That’s a bad sign.

9. Does she care to keep you well financially? A right partner will encourage you to save. A woman who never talks about investment is not your type. Such women are only interested in your money. There are high chances she will dump you for another man.
If a girl is seriously in love with you, she would worry over you spending too much on her. She would be unhappy about such habits of wasting money and would want you to get better management of your finances. If she is after your money, she won’t care a dime.

10. Its from one problem to the other and one bill to the other. Women have ways of extorting money from men and that’s by cooking up stories. Her problems seem unending and because you love her, you do not want to let her down. Today she tells you her mother is sick, the next day its her creditor harassing her or one incredible story. Everyone has got problems but when you see she has made it a habit and she’s not independent, then that’s a sign.

11. Its all about expensive things, designer bags, shoes and gadgets. She tells you about the latest thing in town and how all her friends have got it but she feels left out. Obviously she wants you to buy it for her! Materialistic girls are shallow girls who are only there during the good times. Their basis for a relationship is money and to be with them you’ve got to have a big pocket. Some men actually go for them just to conquer them and show them off as trophies. If you’re looking for “ love ” then a materialistic girl is not for you.

12. These types of girls are not ready to compromise or make sacrifices for you. You realize that you can’t tell her “No” even in difficult times for the fear of loosing her. Every time she asks you for something and you tell her about a challenge, she threatens to leave you. If you’ve gotten to that stage then know that she’s only after your pocket. Understanding and making sacrifices in a relationship is a sign of love and support from your partner but if they are not ready to make sacrifices then cut them off.

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