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I am Ready To Spend Lavishly On You If You Agree To Date Me – Says Rich Lady In USA

Hey) I want to introduce myself to you! I am an energetic, cheerful and versatile women. My friends say that I am the soul of any company, but for a loved one I become a safe haven. My main trump card is independence and interest in people. For me, age and appearance are not important, I am convinced that beauty is in the soul of a person … I am an interesting conversationalist, because I have many hobbies and every day I try to learn something new and get to know myself) But I am also an excellent listener, I it’s nice to explore the world of another person with his invaluable experience, listen to the story of his life…) I hope for a pleasant conversation.

I am a passionate woman with impeccable taste. Family is important to me and I am a woman of strong family traditions and correct upbringing. I am ready for serious steps, I can leave my country for the sake of love, to be close to my future partner. I always act diplomatically and discreetly and I am able to forgive and understand. My life is full of meaning, I am surrounded by interesting people and I have an exciting job, but my life is not complete, without love!

I am the doctor of your heart, I can heal all your heart wounds and give care and love. My soul is full of feelings and I would really like to share them with the right man. If you are ready to feel passion and tenderness with an experienced woman, build a healthy relationship, then I waiting

My Type Of Man

Today is the first day of our meeting and it can be beginning of our endless love. I want our feelings and relations grow up with every minute and our feelings to become stronger with every minute. grow up with every minute and our feelings to become stronger with every minute. Every relations starts with a friendship, but in future I want our passion never extinguish. If you are absolutely agree with me please, let me know and tell what next day will be, what we will mark in our calendar.

I would like to say that I am looking for serious relationship. It is impossible to describe clearly the man I am looking for, but it should be someone who fully understands that no one is perfect. I am looking for someone who is honest, as it is the thing that I appreciate most of all. Trust each other and respect each other. hope that this is you and I can stop looking for love because you will give me everything I need) I want us to do something to let our love to be born and to save it. I need someone romantic who still believe in true love and knows that mutual respect and teamwork are one of the main things in good relationships. I don’t care about your age because age doesn’t mean anything when it comes to love. I have a lot of examples of happy couples with a huge age difference and these people are very happy. I want to have a man by my side, who is not afraid of real feelings!

I will spend heavily on my man. He will never lack if only he will love and cherish me.

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