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You’ve just spent 15 minutes of your life drooling over these pictures of Rani, from Mumbai. Admit it! You’re in love! It’s okay and completely understandable.

You would need a heart of stone to not be enamoured with this hot, hot babe after looking at the photos. She’s waiting for you.

This stunning looking young girl is only 19 years old and looking for a steady relationship and remember, India have no age limit on partners so even if you’re over 40, don’t let that stop you making contact with her.

The other amazing stat about Rani is that she stands at a mere 4’10” so maybe we can best describe her as a pocket dynamo, everything in perfect proportion. She loves singing and dancing and works as a housemaid for some lucky family.

However, like most people in this country, she speaks reasonable English, so getting to know her and communicating will be the least of your worries.

For one so young she has many positive traits which include the love of family and being a caring sort of person.

She’s looking for a romantic, sensitive, loving and faithful long-term partner, so if you think you fit the bill, don’t hesitate to contact her.

There’re lots of things to do in India if you get to the stage of visiting her. The point is that you need to make contact with Rani to make sure you don’t lose her to another.

Somebody as hot looking and sexy as this won’t be hanging around waiting for a steady boyfriend for long.

Name: Rani
City: Mambi
Status: Single
Religion: Hindu


Whatsapp Number: +918968688568

How would you describe yourself?

Hi I am Rani, from Mumbai a student studying Chemistry, I am interested in meeting men with different background. I don’t like to have a sexual chat until I know the person.

I am looking for

A man who wants friendship and companionship. Can be from anywhere but should respect women. Shall be educated and can have his habits.






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