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This Rich Lady In USA Is Looking For a Man That Will Love Her – Click To Contact Her

This rich and beautiful ladies is looking for a good man who is loving, loyal, happy, fun to be with; someone who is steady and free of drama. A man who knows what he wants and is willing to work hard to get it; with energy, dreams, a love of traveling, knows how to take care of her; who wants to live a great life, to be loved, and do new and exciting things together.

She needs a man who will tell her she is clever, who will tell her she is kind, who will tell her she is talented, who will tell her she is cute, she is sensitive, Graceful and wise, Tell her she is perfect. Infact, she needs a man who will always compliment her. She is not not looking for a prince charming but a mature man and above all who is willing to see him in person or in the worst case a friend with whom she can talk without any rommmantic tension getting in the way.

This lady reveal that she works with one of the reputable company in the United State. She is ready to spend big for her man and also provide job for him in her company or any other company in the United State if he is ready to work. She will also pay for your visa fee to come to the United State to be with her.

If you are interested to date this lady, read what she said about herself and the type of man she want to date;

Please Note; If you don’t fit her criteria, please don’t contact her.

I am an enthusiastic, spiritual and passionate woman, love adventures, nature and healthy life. Im funny and I like to spend time going out as being at home. I love to to read psychology/selfcare books , meditate, workout, good music, travel, spend time with my partner. Everything to make a happy life is an amazing time spent! And how is to live without sport?? I like Spinning, body pump, running, jogging

I like to lead an active life, because of my profession I can not always have a lot of time but I do everything in my power, woman with good feelings and intentions, looking for attention with the right person … that person must understand that I am a person who always achieves what she wants, I always give everything for everything, so I can fulfill my dreams and fulfill the dream that every mother wants and is also to help their children to achieve their dreams

My man is first of all my friend, my partner for life, whom I trust and whom I love. It is important for me to be proud of him, his deeds and his thoughts. I believe that kindness and respect are character traits of a strong personality, and I want to feel them in my partner. Everyone has their produc and cons, and I am no exception, but I believe in kindness, sincerity, love and honesty, I know that for optimistic people all doors are open and everything is possible, that’s why I’m here. I want to make sure that great love is waiting for me, and I don’t like making someone wait too long. Will you be happy to meet a hot bride like me?

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