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This rich, beautiful and single lady has reach out to us that she is seeking a young, handsome, adorable, lovable, charming man to build a serious long term relationship with. This lady who goes by the name Cristina is 40 years old and reside in, California, USA. This rich lady in the USA is Just lonely and eagerly needs a young man for a ong term relationship.

She needs a man who can be content with only one woman and be faithful to her no matter what. She wants someone who can be there when she needs a listening ear, a man that will love her when she least expects it. This USA rich lady needs someone who believes in the power of friendship and true love from the heart.

She dream of meeting a worthy man to create a strong union. She is attracted to creative, open, charismatic men with a good sense of humor. She hope to see you here soon. She see next to her a real gentleman, rma ntic with a good sense of humor. A man Who appreciates family comfort and warm evenings in the company of his beloved woman. She need a man whom she will make the happiest and both of you share life.

According to her man must be faithful and honest with her, only then both of you will have true love. She do not know what is most important to her in choosing her men, but she really appreciate a healthy lifestyle, humor, wisdom, loyalty, intelligence, kindness, and good morals. She want her family home to be filled with laughter because laughter prolongs a person’s life. She don’t like stubborn and selfish men.

To connect with this lady, read what she said about herself and the kind of man she is looking for;

Hi there. I currently live in Miami. My name is Cristina. I can say that I am one of the many brave women that exist in this world. The experiences that I have lived have made me fill with learning and total wisdom to be a better woman and day by day find the best version of myself. I value my family with my heart and soul, since in them I find strength and a lot of motivation to continue fulfilling all my dreams. I consider myself a transparent, loyal and sincere woman with myself and with others. I believe in love and I am looking for it. I am a woman who loves to be at home. I love sports and that is why I am an active and dynamic woman. I love to travel and fill what each place can offer me. I also love life, nature and feel good about myself to have peace and harmony in my heart

Perhaps all women seek the same thing in love but at my age I have realized that we cannot look for a specific man, the perfect man does not exist. That is why I settle for a life partner, a mature man with good intentions. I want to find a gentleman who makes me laugh and who enjoys the little details of life as much as I do, just that. I think that for love there is no age, nor do cultural or religious differences matter. If love is real, everything will be fine.

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