Six Things every man want the most in a relationship

This days many men has been complaining about life of some girls, the fact is some girls are bad and some girls are good, some girls has good character, some girls has bad character, many guys of this days demanding and wishing to meet a girl with some deep character who understands what love and marriage means, a lot of men believe some girls are only good for fun and merriment, some girls are good for dating but not good enough for marriage. When a woman has good taste and smell the roses are red – when a woman has good character, every real man will want to love her, one secret about men which many girls don’t understand, they’re calculating your life in case of tomorrow.

1. No make up or too much make up
This days almost young and old women want to apply make up, worst part of this make up issue, many girls don’t know how to apply it, too much of everything is bad, no man want a fake woman every day, applying make up which make you look like something else doesn’t make sense, sometimes better you look natural, many men want that natural beauty, too much of make up not cold with any man, just balance it.

2. Peace of mind
Seriously, both men and women want peace of mind, everyone want that peace of mind in a relationship, arguments and fights will happen sometimes but fixing the problem immediately very important, every man pray for peace, even a bad man want a woman who can give him peace of mind, one deepest prayer of a man is ending up with someone who will not frustrate his life, this peace of mind very important to men in a relationship, a man will find hard to forget or leave a girl he find peace being with.

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3. Smart and wise woman
One things about some many girls, they will be claiming like they know something but they don’t know anything, it so annoying being with a woman who’s not smart and wise, every man want supporting woman, woman of virtue, that wife material who can handle things perfectly without acting like a girl of beauty but no brain.

4. Faithful woman
Even a cheater want his wife to be faithful, being faithful what every man want in a relationship, listen ladies some times men can mess up but they really want to see their wife faithful, men want that woman they can trust, a woman even he traveled he will feel everything is secured, being faithful in marriage very important to both men and women.

5. Good sweet meals
If you asked me na who I go asked, definitely if you asked me, one thing every girl should do in life is knowing how to cook good meals, a woman should know how to cook and doing house chores, this is one character every woman should handle perfectly, if you married, every day you’ll be feeding your husband and kids, that’s your responsibility, God created you as a woman, your top priority should be having good character, knowing how to cook and how make your home beautiful, remember your home is home, your marriage don’t have right to failed.

6. Caring, romantic, understanding and appreciating woman
Not easy to find a good woman, sometimes not easy to find a good man too, some people are lucky to find such a golden soulmate, in a relationship you need to care for your partner, take care of your partner feels and love, every man want a romantic woman, many girls are boring, they’re bored, no want such a woman who can’t play or understand things, as a woman you need to understand your man and appreciate his efforts, non matter how small his efforts is – appreciate him for everything, men want to feel appreciated for their little effort of providing for the family. Don’t be ungrateful woman, don’t be unromantic woman, don’t be a woman who doesn’t care about his man, don’t be a nagging woman who doesn’t allow his man to have peace of mind. Be that woman he will always want to be around her.

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