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This Rich Lady Danae In USA Wants A Serious Man To Contact Her – Click Here To Get Connected

A beautiful, kind, carrying, decent, brave, easy-going, confident, rich and well-balanced lady who goes by the name Danae residing in USA is looking for a decent, loyal, fun, kind, caring. tender, sincere man for a serious relationship.

This rich lady who is tired of being lonely wants to meet her beloved man. She is looking for a loving and caring man who knows and understands the importance of a relationship. She needs a man who will be faithful to her. A man that will treat her like a queen. This lady is very active and full of energy, caring and responsible. She is a loving woman and has a lot of love and care in her heart; She just misses a person to whom she can give her love.

She is looking for a mature man who is able to understand his feelings and talk about them. In her opinion, Only by talking, listening and hearing each other, people can build harmonious relationships. In her opinion, maturity is not only about age; a mature man is the one who knows what he wants and who he wants to see next to him. For such a man, she is ready to go anywhere, and with such a man she would like to build a family!

If you are interested in her let’s not waste time on empty promises and expectations, no time to wait. Love does not wait so she is waiting for you.

To connect with this lady, read what she said about herself and the kind of man she is looking for;


This is where I run out of words to describe myself, I only have to tell you: meet yourself. The truth is, I am a happy and fun woman, but serious and a lover of real things, I like simple things but also some complicated things, like a relationship haha. I consider myself a sensual but nerdy girl, it’s crazy, right? I’m here because apparently men run away from me… why? apparently some men are afraid of independent women like me. If you are reading my profile, there are many more things I can say about myself, what I want you to know now is that I want something real and serious. I do not wanna lose my time. I will not make you waste your time.

I will be honest right now, if you are in my profile, I want you to know that I am looking for a man who is not afraid of love, I want a man who likes to surprise his wife, I want a man who is not afraid to face life my side, is what I want, life is passing, time is passing, I don’t want to be alone, I want to find love, I want a loving man as fiery as me, are you that man?

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