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This Rich Lady In California, USA Needs Your WhatsApp Number – Click Here To Drop It

We love to introduce you to this Rich and gorgeous lady who goes by the name Reina Ward residing in California, USA. This lady is seriously looking for a man who wants to do something different every day by her side, who is passionate, fun, loving, who will makes her a happy woman, who is by her side through thick and thin, and who is willing to share many moments by her side. She needs a man who will love her to the moon and back. A man who knows how to treat a woman right. A man who does not get angry unnecessary.

Reigna is extremely wealthy and as such, can take total care of you. She is willing to spend large sums just to ensure you live a life of comfort and luxury as long as you continue to keep her happy and love. She is ready to make all travel arrangements for you to come down to California, U.S.A to live with her.

This Lady wants to establish a communication channel with any young man through WhatsApp chats first before proceeding on date with him. If you are interested you can drop your Whatsapp number on the comment session, she will pick it up from there.

To connect with this lady read what she said about herself and the kind of man she is looking for;

A dream does not come true by magic, it takes sweat, determination and hard work, if you fight for what you want, you will always have the doubt of what would have happened. You have to do the things you think you can’t do, it always seems impossible … until you do it. Are you ready for a possible love? Be brave. Take risks. Nothing can replace the experience I am a woman who enjoys my freedom, I like to travel to many places, get to know other cultures, new countries, I have been in countries that I have always wanted to know, but it is a bit boring because I do not have that person by my side that I want to share those moments with me, I would like to continue traveling and meet new places but next to a good man, I hope to be successful in my search.

I am looking for a person who is committed and sure of what she wants for her life and for the relationship, I want a fun person, someone who wants to live many adventures and smiles together, I am usually a very rmanptic woman so I would expect the same from that special person for my life, my plan is not to be here, I don’t want to waste my time and I am not looking to waste someone’s time, I am just looking for a sincere and fun person who is willing to take a risk!

I am looking for someone who struggles to overcome himself, someone with whom to speak with sensitivity and good feelings, because he will know my feelings just by looking into my eyes, who motivates me to be better and better, who I can trust, who respects me as his partner and best friend.

If you want to have Reiga as your lady, simply enter your WhatsApp number in the comment box, also tell her how you intend to love her…

To connect with this rich Lady, follow the instructions below;

How to get this Rich Lady In The USA

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