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This Rich Lady In USA Is ready to Give You her Phone Number – Click To Reach Out To Her Now

A very rich Lady who goes by the name Marida West residing in the United State needs a responsible young man for a serious relationship. She needs a man who is willing to be her man and to make her happy for as long as possible while she promises to make him as comfortable as he wants with a different kind of offer.

She would like to date a guys that are equal to the task of being her man. She also needs a young man because she plans to spend her winter holidays and would love to be in contact with her. She is looking for a travel companion, she is also looking for a companion with whom she can have good conversations on almost any topic. She know that prince charming does not exist but she want to find a man who loves her and respects her above all else. She is not looking for an academic man, nor a man with money, just someone who allows her to live life happily at all times.

Would you wish to be her man? Then it is up to you to establish a contact now. You can have her phone number here and also log in to your email to communicate with her through the email she will provide.

She does not demand too much, mostly companionship and making her happy. She does not really care if you are already in a relationship, you just need to be equal to the task. Make a contact here and she would provide you with the email and phone contacts needed. This gorgeous lady will love you and take care of you to the fullest.

Before contacting her, read what she said about herself and the kind of man she is looking for;


I believe in love. To me, true love is when you can completely be yourself around another person in good times and bad. It’s loving each other’s differences and appreciating them exactly as they are. Love is the feeling that something is missing when you are apart and the realization that everything seems so much better when you are together. Love… I believe this word gets tossed around more than it should. It’s more than just a simple word and can have a lot of meanings. Just to name a few: trust, commitment, best friends, communication, willingness, arguments and tenderness.

I am looking for a man with a strong thirst for life. Someone who’s excited to wake up next to me in the morning and wants nothing more than to explore the world with me every day, in any way that we can. I imagine my ideal man as pleasant, intelligent, careful person who fills my heart with love. I wish him to be smart, honest and reliable man, the one who will always be close, and who will care about me. He has to have an ability to support me in the pursuance of my passions, even if he doesn’t fully understand my passions. A man with an ability to be vulnerable in front of each other. It means You are strong for each other when you need to be, but you never feel the need to lie or to cover things up when you’re feeling weak or insecure or depressed or worthless or anything else. Instead, you can be wholeheartedly open, honest, and unaffected with one another.


If you think you are honest to be her man, then apply now. Tell her about yourself in the comment section. She will pick you through the comment section.

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