When A Woman Does Any Of These Things, She’s After A Man’s Money

Love is a very sweet thing. It is a wonderful experience everyone wishes to find. When there is true and genuine love, the world would seem like a bed of roses because nothing else matters. Sometimes, we could be so blinded with love that we end up getting involve with the wrong person. Knowing the difference between a true love and a gold digger is very important in a man’s life. Women are very compassionate, when they love it becomes very obvious.

How do know if she truly loves you or if she is just after your money. While some women work so hard to earn a living, some sees their only source of income to be men pocket. Unfortunately, some men get blinded with love and never realise these types of women till it becomes too late or their pockets get drained.

Below are some of the things that women does when they are after a man’s money. I think that every man should pay attention to this article.

1) When a woman is just after your money, her only happy moments with you are when you shower her with money, buy her gifts and take her to shopping. Spending real time and moments with you can never be her source of happiness.

2) Try telling her you are broke, a woman who is not after your money will understand your broke moments but a woman after your money after a while, will rain curses on you and find an excuse to come out of the relationship.

3) She would always encourage and hail your spending habits, telling you to invest is never her thing rather she will find millions of excuses to make sure you are spending.

4) Try asking her for money, a woman who is after your money will you as not being man enough, she will abuse you and run out of the relationship knowing that she would gain nothing from the man.

Men Should be careful when they notice these characters in women: they could also posses multiple birthdays, tend to have lots of problems that only money can solve. Leave your opinion about the article and share to other platforms to get people’s view on the article.

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