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In this modern age of love where everyone is looking for fleeting relationships, it is hard to find the perfect one. In fact, it is even hard to find someone whom you genuinely connect with or enjoy spending time with. But there is no guy who wouldn’t like having their arms around a gorgeous girl who is not only beautiful but also brains.

A South African girl is basically so in a nutshell. It is almost impossible for men to be not attracted to these dusky beauties but nothing this good ever comes easy. South African women are fiercely independent and like living life on their own terms and always prefers a real man’s man. If you do not have much of a backbone or lack an alluring personality they will cut you off faster than you will realize. But they are ultimately worth all the effort and trouble. If you are looking to court a South African woman you will locate their WhatsApp numbers from various online websites. Once you have acquired her number it is your job to keep her interested enough to stick around with you.

Stated below are some tips and tricks you can follow to keep your lady hooked on you.

Rules to follow while courting a South African girl:

  • Be a gentleman: This goes without saying if you want to impress your woman you must be portrayed gentleman characteristics on each occasion. You cannot be a gentleman just based on sweet talk. Sure that is important. You have got to respect your woman. But actions always speak louder than words. Hold the door open for her, insist on taking her out and treating her to a good place, give her your coat on a cold winter night, shower her with compliments. These are small but crucial things but will go a long way. Treat her like the queen she is and she will be sure to return the favor.


  • Don’t ever badmouth or mistreat her: A Saffa girl puts her self-respect above all. If she feels like she is being mistreated or played with, she will drop you faster than you can apologize.  And to add salt to the wound she will make you feel a hundred times worse before dumping you. If there is one thing every South African woman excels in, it is the art of sass and sarcasm. They will wreck your confidence and esteem before leaving your life forever. So, play it off and treat her she is the only thing that really matters.


  • Take her out drinking: Of course, all South African women are not the same but most Saffa women love going out for a night out of drinking with the guy they like. And most Saffa women can drink more than you probably can. But it will be a huge turn off on her part if you are intimidated by her capacity to drink. Competing against her just to prove how much of a man you are is the worst possible move you can make. Just be polite and show her a good time.


  • Learn about her traditions: Most girls from The Nation of Rainbow are big on culture and traditions and respect and love a man who is interested in not just getting to know her but her heritage too. South Africa has girls of various ethnicities and cultures. If you really want to impress your girl, you should explore research and educate yourself on her religious preferences. This action will never go unnoticed or unappreciated.


  • Dress to impress: Never take your women out dressed like a slob. Saffa women like their men to put in some effort on their appearance. Get into a hot shower, style your hair, wear your best clothes and shoes and dress up for her. If she is putting an effort to look her personal best so should you.


  • Be on time: Never make a Saffa girl wait around for you. She values her time above all else. Be punctual always. This will give her the impression that you cannot wait to be around her and she will know you are worth her time.


  • Ignore your phone: When you are out on a date with your woman you should be focused on her and her only. If you spend most of your time glued to your cellphone, she will assume she is boring you and you will never see convince her to give you another shot.


  • Have a stimulating conversation: Having a conversation where you both connect is the primary stage of a relationship. Try and get to know her interests and hobbies, her fears, her dreams. An interesting conversation in which you both are deeply engrossed is sure to win you over.




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